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Pubblicità Progresso has been founded in the early ‘70’s as a no-profit association with the purpose of promoting a correct [...]


Pubblicità Progresso has been founded in the early ‘70’s as a no-profit association with the purpose of promoting a correct social communication and encouraging civil consciousness of the citizens on moral, civil and educational problems through professional advertising. In 2005 Pubblicità Progresso became a Foundation.
Following similar initiatives from British countries, Pubblicità Progresso has introduced in Italy the concept of social communication. In fact the activity of Pubblicità Progresso has helped in making State Bodies aware of the great value of communication and of the efficacy of advertising when it is free from profit purposes.
The Foundation works with professional people in the communication area who give their free cooperation, their resources, experience and energy for the fulfilment of social campaigns.



SOCI_AAPIAAPI Associazione aziende pubblicitarie italiane
Founded in 1949, it is the trade association for those companies operating in the outdoor advertising, mostly billboard, business.

SOCI_ASSIRMASSIRM Associazione tra Istituti di Ricerche di Mercato, Sociali, di Opinione
An association, founded in Milan in 1991, comprised of the major Italian market research, survey and social research institutes.

SOCI_assocomASSOCOM Associazione delle imprese di comunicazione
An association comprised of the major Italian and international communication firms.

SOCI_FIEGFIEG Associazione italiana editori giornali
An association including newspaper and magazine publishers, national press agencies, Associazione Stampatori Italiana Giornali, Federazione delle Concessionarie di Pubblicità and Associazione Distributori Nazionali.

SOCI_IAPIAP Istituto dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria
Istituto dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria was founded in 1966 by the key users, professional and advertising media associations and groups in order to give the Italian advertising system a self-regulatory framework, to ensure ads  to be honest, truthful and accurate.

SOCI_PublitaliaPUBLITALIA ’80 Concessionaria di pubblicità del gruppo Mediaset
Advertising sale company of the Fininvest Group. It is the exclusive advertising sale company for the Mediaset Group television channels.

SOCI_RaiRAI Radiotelevisione italiana
The public TV and radio broadcast service. For over 50 years it has brought the country’s development in civil, social and economic life to its citizens.

SOCI_UNICOMUNICOM Unione nazionale imprese di comunicazione
The Unione Nazionale Imprese di Comunicazione is an association comprised of the highest number of Italian capital communication firms.

SOCI_UPAUPA Utenti Pubblicità Associati
Utenti Pubblicità Associati, is an association comprised of the most important and prestigious industrial, commercial and service companies investing in advertising.




Sky Italia is an Italian cable TV, a 100% subsidiary of News Corporation. Founded in 2003, it currently offers 190 thematic channels with a broad range of sport, cinema, news, entertainment and children’s programme contents.

SOCI_san-marinoSan Marino RTV
The television station of SMtv San Marino, the national public service broadcaster of San Marino.


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